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Original PHP script by Florian Dittmer <dittmer@gmx.net>
Example php script to demonstrate the direct passing of binary data
to the user. More infos at http://www.phpbuilder.com
Syntax: getphoto_t.phtml?id=<id>

$Id: getphoto_t.php,v 1.1 2003/06/03 16:21:41 nah-ko Exp $

Modified for mbot NewsHandler by Christophe Truffier <toffe@nah-ko.org>
This script show image

if($id) {

    // you may have to modify login information for your database server:
    MYSQL_CONNECT($serveur_SQL, $user, $user_pass);

    $query = "select img_data,filetype from photo_test where id=$id";
    $result = @MYSQL_QUERY($query);

    $data = @MYSQL_RESULT($result,0,"img_data");
    $type = @MYSQL_RESULT($result,0,"filetype");

    Header( "Content-type: $type");
    echo $data;


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